LEEN® is a reflection of founder and designer Eileen Ilic's streamlined aesthetic and authentic, no-compromises point of view.

LEEN® strips what we know of fashion down to its core rawness, free from logos or the marketed-to-perfection big-fashion machine. The aim is to create go-to pieces that tie everything together by way of strategic details, premium fabrics, and timeless, supremely comfortable silhouettes.

"I create with intention and measure quality through a lens of longevity rather than trend; the hope is that these pieces are destined to become future vintage."
- Eileen Ilic, founder + CEO

It took Eileen three years to develop the twelve styles that make up the first LEEN® collection, though they’ve been living in her head much longer than that. Each one is a refined take on the pieces we wear most, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine, resulting in the kind of elevated, wearable clothing that's cut for women—no "borrowed from the boys" here.

Why do women have to fit into men’s clothes to achieve a certain look? LEEN® captures the ease of menswear and translates it into distinctly women's silhouettes. Each piece then goes through a series of shrink tests to guarantee proportions stay put for years to come. The separates within the collection carry a unique power and are designed to stand on their own.

“LEEN® takes a lifestyle approach to dressing, inspiring you to mix a Loopwheel sweatshirt with a full-length silk skirt from your personal collection; I want to see the contrast, I want to see how you make it your own.”
- Eileen Ilic, founder + CEO

Fueled by a belief that less is more—and that less doesn’t mean compromise—LEEN® places a premium on quality of fabrics rather than quantity of items. The choice to use superior interpretations of traditional natural materials was strategic, and straight from Eileen’s heart.